inter-denominational, life-affirming education
for the Christian Church

a seamless garment

At Life 4 All, we believe that a "life issue" is any circumstance that brings us closer to or draws us farther away from God.

Consequently, the list of life issues no longer includes abortion alone, but also adoption, euthanasia, war, capital punishment, health care, poverty, homelessness, parenting, crime, eduacation, disabilities, and caring for the elderly, to name a few.  Of course, as Christians we understand that salvation is the number one life issue. 

We strive to be a "seamless garment," faithfully standing for the Sanctity of Life in all situations, whether we are talking about abortion, war, the death penalty or any other life issue.

We are a non-political, Christian group that strives to change hearts and save lives through compassionate education, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. 

speaking the truth in love

Life 4 All Ministries seeks to educate, encourage and equip people to make positive choices about the complete spectrum of life issues, while we care for and protect the innocent and vulnerable among us.

We don't  believe in labeling people.  We do believe that all people are created in the image of God and should be treated in a manner that acknowledges this. We stand on Ephesians 4:15: "speaking the truth in love."

Because of the immediate and irreversible consequences of abortion, we will continue to make that issue our first priority.  But we cannot ignore the many other issues that potentially draw people away from their relationship with Jesus Christ.

He loves the world, and so do we.

John 3:16