20 activities to get you started...

1. Encourage church members to always carry the number of your local pregnancy resource center with them or 800-395-HELP for OptionLine.

2. If you are a pastor, defend life from the pulpit.

3. Invite someone to share his/her post abortion and/or adoption testimony at your church or small group.

4. Set up a bassinet at your church to collect clothing, blankets and diapers for those in need at the local pregnancy resource center.

5. Place life affirming literature at the back of your church. Topics might include caring for the elderly, pergnancy resources, pro-life hospice care and adoption brochures.

6. Include pro-life prayers in your worship service.  (See our home page for a new definition of "life issues.")

7. Learn how to accomodate the disabled.

8. Encourage and promote adoption.

9. Host a viewing of the movie "October Baby."

10. Recruit volunteers to babysit for single parents and/or parents of special needs children.

11. Educate your congregation about the dangers of birth control pills and living wills.

12. Visit a nursing home; start a program that reaches out to the elderly, sick and/or lonely in your community.

13. Sponsor newspaper ads for local pregnancy resource centers.

14. Order and encourage others to wear "Precious Feet Pins" that show the baby's feet at 10 weeks after conception.  (Pins can be ordered at Heritage House: 800-858-3040.)

15. Create a presentation for teens about modesty and abstinence.

16. Share information with your congregation about your local perinatal hospice organization to help parents who have received a hard diagnosis for their preborn child.  (In the Kansas City area, contact Alexandra's House for more information:

17. Hold a fund raising event for a local pro-life organization.

18. Host the Project LIFE course, an 8-week adult curriculum covering abortion, adoption, euthanasia, biotechnology and abstinence.

19. Print a message in your Sunday bulletin or monthly newsletter about where to find help for those who are post abortive or facing an unexpected pregnancy.

20. Participate in "Life Chain," held the first week of October.

tips for churches

#1 - identify your area of interest

What issues is God calling you to address in your fellowship?  Do you know of post abortive men or women in your congregation?  Are there single parents in your church who need someone to walk alongside them as they parent their children?  Do you see a need to teach the teens in your congregation how to say "no" to destructive behaviors?  How do you reach out to those with disabilities?

#2 - identify the activities that fit the spiritual gifts of your church members

Does your church have strong educational leadership?  Would a Sunday presentation best suit your fellowship or is personal ministry more your style?  Maybe a combination of both?  Either way, consider which of the following activities would compliment the gifts in your congregation:
education, ministry and/or advocacy.

#3 - review of list of ideas and select one or two to adopt as your church's ministry goals